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All our staff wears Mountain Girl shirts and aprons and places our company sign (magnets) on their cars-so you or your neighbors can be assured who has arrived.
Bailey, Pine, Conifer, Evergreen, Morrison, Golden, Lakewood and many other locations on request!
Do not  place multiple kinds of different oils and  dusting products on your furniture, called stacking. This will build up unnecessary on your furniture.   
2. Dye containing Products
Use dye free cleaning products which can cause damage to rugs and other surfaces.
3.Cleaning Products:
Use cleaning products that not only polish and clean but that removes germs. We can supply them for you at an extra charge if you require. We do not endorse products, we want you to use what you want used on the surfaces in your home.
4. Types of Flooring:
Know your flooring, we come across so many types of flooring on the market it is impossible to some times tell what has been installed in your home. Stay informed on the types of surfaces in your home and how to clean them and with what.
5. Vacuums:
we prefer to use your vacuum because of allergies outside vacuums can bring into your home. We do not want to take any chances and even though we clean our vacuums stay conscious of that. We can certainly use our vacuums too. We use Shark vacuums and clean them often. Shark offers allergen removal and high efficient motors.  
6. Your List:
We want to clean what is important to you. Every one these days has a budget and we can clean everything, but everything not be what you want cleaned. We encourage you to make a list of the must dos every time and a list of things you want rotated in that are once in a while rooms or items. This will save you time and money.
7.Do not Clean:
Close the doors to the rooms you do not want cleaned or want to keep closed. Let the cleaning crew or office be aware if you do not want an item touched or cleaned.
8.Safety: Sanitizing and Deep Cleaning your Home  and Office...….
Ask your cleaner about cleaning products that clean better to remove soap scum and clean your home better.We strive to clean and disinfect all surfaces. On occasion if you want a surface sanitized it could mean using cleaning products that could damage a surface. We clean with what you want.
Pets can be messy and them running around during cleanings can cause us to have to stay longer. It is also not safe if they get under our feet during a cleaning and not safe for them if they drink from a cleaning bucket or they run outside while we are cleaning. Please keep your pets as safe as can be accidents can happen.
Bathrooms are often reported as one of the most difficult and most important areas to clean. Because bathrooms can potentially harbor bacteria, it is critical that they be cleaned frequently to maintain a clean and odor-free environment. The key to any effective restroom disinfection process is to first remove the soils that provide a breeding ground for germs. It is recommended that you Purchase products that cleans bacteria long after we leave your home or office. We can name a few products but one of the best we like is scrubbing- bubbles. In these trying times of germs we can also use bleach and water.
11. Floors:
Maintaining the appearance of floors and protecting this vital investment are critical tasks for cleaning professionals. Keeping remarkable floors, improving labor efficiency, and reducing cleaning product costs have never been more important. Regular maintenance with the right cleaning products is the key to protecting your floor care investment and achieving consistently clean/attractive floors. we like Bona cleaner and polisher for hardwood floors and Bona offers products for tile and other floor types.
Though seldom truly appreciated, the floor beneath our feet tends to be an important barometer of the overall cleanliness of a facility. Whether in a home, school or hospital, the visual appearance of the floor often shapes our perceptions of how clean and sanitary the entire home or building is. Floors that appear dirty, scuffed or dull can convey the impression that the facility’s cleanliness standards are lacking. That is why it is important to maintain bright and shiny floors, which can create a lasting impression that a facility is clean and well maintained.
12. Cleaning your home:
With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can easily extend the life of your flooring investment and other surfaces in your home or office and present your space as clean and fresh. We recommend not going monthly or longer as we consider it a first time clean again. Living with infrequent cleanings can cause us to spend more time cleaning it all at once. The build up of dust or soap scum and other dirt on your surfaces can take as long as a first time cleaning takes. Invest in maintence cleans at least bi-weekly. 
13. Vacation rentals laundry:
It’s an important function that can affect the general perception of your rental and your bottom line – quality laundry care. A recent P&G Professional™ consumer survey revealed that 89 percent of respondents equate soft, bright whites to clean towels and bedding. When linens and towels are perceived as dingy, guests will often complain to the front desk or may even ask to switch rooms. This can make a big impact on overall guest satisfaction and that rate at which a business gains repeat customers, so it’s important to take a look at your laundry practices to ensure you’re consistently delivering the best results. Don't cut corners and have our staff leave the rentals laundry in the dryer unfolded, allow us the extra time to ensure it is completed and put away before we leave. Asking guest to retrieve it from the dryer is not very presentable.
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