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Why we are different than most cleaning services! ( see the basics for cleaning service at the bottom of the page) keep in mind we can add or remove anything to customize your cleaning. 
 I have often been asked what we do when we arrive to clean homes or offices and what we will clean while cleaning, such as wood trim, art work, how we clean nick knacks, do we open china cabinet doors to clean inside and so forth. My reply is that Mountain Girl is a more personalized service than any other service in the area. We not only send a qualified team to clean your home we work hard for you to keep your assigned cleaners. We send a team of two or three to clean your home. The third is usually a float for back up should your cleaners become ill or if additional duties are added to your cleaning or their cleaning day. 
WE CLEAN WHAT YOU NEED CLEANED! We ask you to create a "must do every time" list and a "rotation list" for rooms or items you want cleaned either as needed or every three cleaning's, but- what you want is most important and this could save you money!!!
Some of the extras we do are :
Sweep off porches and stairs outside, clean door mats, Clean garage entry ways and those mats, clean glass inside and out on doors and windows we can reach without ladders like splash spots from sinks May be included. We can dust off patio furniture when summer begins and keep it clean; we also can remove all spider webs outside on porches and of course inside always! We can also clean baseboards every time, fireplace hearths, use brushes not rages to toughly clean tubs and showers and sinks, straighten under kitchen sinks, empty trash and clean the cans. Basically we clean and sanitize first then shine items such as chrome, microwaves, coffee pots and coffee makers, small counter top appliances, stainless steal, and will clean and seal kitchen cabins.
While checking out other local services- I have found they may send as many as five cleaners on any size home. In my option doing so takes away from the personalized service we offer. We want you to know your cleaners or cleaner, be able to communicate with them and like what they do. How could we begin to do this with five separate cleaners running around your home. We take pride in what we do and because of this we go above and beyond and can create customized cleanings that fit your needs and your budget.

Currently we offer a minimum of a 4 hour cleaning time but are willing to make exceptions if we are in your area at the time.  We love our staff and we are sure you will too. We pay our cleaners great wages, bonuses yearly, and trip fees to ensure they want to remain with our company and want to do a great job. If a cleaner has a complaint from a client that is serious enough points are deducted and their bonus decreases. So your feedback is so important. So far we have not had to do this.
We Offer some Pet and equine Sitting in the Bailey area:
If you plan to be out of town call Diane to giveyou a quote on pet sitting at 720-532-6608 cell or office at 303-838-2836
We pet sit dogs, cats, horses, and other live stock, small animals and reptiles and know allot                                                                 about fish both fresh water and saltwater. 
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